Chef Juan

Chef Juan at the Bijou Cafe

Summer season is here. Chef Juan will be taking advantage of all that has to offer – the abundance of locally sourced food is unbelievable. Juan’s meals are thoughtfully designed, authentic and well prepared.

“I’m almost sleepless at night anticipating what will be on the next dinner rollout.”


Summer is nearly here…

Looking forward to:

Deliveries from Sauvie Island including fresh yellow potatoes, heirloom tomatoes & lettuce

NW Salmon and more.

Jazzy Evenings


We’re doing dinner. We’re doing Jazz. Come share an evening of livelihood with drinks, food and yes, music. A variety of local artists frequent our stage and brighten the atmosphere at the Bijou every Friday night.

“I’ve found you’ve got to look back at the old things and see them in a new light.”
– John Coltrane