For more than 40 years, Bijou Cafe has been providing a classic brunch experience.

As of Late...

fall is here,

looking forward to:

yams, brussels sprouts, anjou pears, gala apples

look for these on our specials board!

Hours & Reservations

We are open daily for breakfast and brunch from 8am-2pm.
We gladly accept reservations Monday-Friday. To make a reservation, call 503.222.3187 or email bijoupdxevents@gmail.com.
Please call 503.222.3187 to inquire about weekend reservations.


We take delight in finding and combining local ingredients to create simple presentations of food for you to enjoy. We have an amazing network of local farmers and foragers who bring us, quite literally, the fruits of their labors.


Our cocktails are a lot like the food we serve – excellent ingredients, well-prepared, classic, not flashy. Our wine list offers a small but lovingly curated selection of local wineries balanced with a few classic French choices. Our selection of beer, by the bottle and can, rotates through Oregon’s amazing array of small craft brewers.

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Restaurant Location

132 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

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Customers & Friends

  • I came here after looking at all these fabulous pictures of breakfast. All I have to say go and try it for yourself. I love the vibe and the food is unreal. Great way to to start your day. Keep on cooking this excellent food. Cheers

    Samay A.
    review from Yelp
  • On a recent trip to Portland, we had breakfast one morning and were blown away. Wonderful food and atmosphere. Next morning after much deliberation, we just had to return forgoing all the other choices in the area. I had the Special German Apple pancake... So good. Service was very good and friendly. Even took time to give us some tourist tips as we headed east to explore the Columbia River Gorge.

    Tim H.
    review from Trip Advisor
  • The Bijou Cafe has been a favorite breakfast place in Portland for decades and for good reason. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day then this is the type place that has helped make it so. The menu is varied enough to appeal to a wide variety of tastes including vegetarian, seafood and meat options. Sausage and ham from Olympia Provisions are featured in several dishes and well worth considering. Our table service was outstanding and the coffee cup was kept constantly filled. There is ample reason that the Bijou Cafe has endured.

    Susan O.
    review from Trip Advisor
  • We were there this last Sunday morning. It's was bustling & busy. I was surprised at how efficient the host was, she seemed to get everyone seated in a much more timely manner than I expected. She was kind & kept us posted on her progress with our table since we were a larger party. I watched several people hound her & question her. She responded warmly each time. I was already impressed. Once sat at our table we had friendly prompt service. The menu & special board was filled with tempting options. Omelets & eggs were cooked to perfection. Everyone loved what they had. Great coffee. Mimosas are $10 but they're big and the champagne is quality & the juice is fresh squeezed. Worth every penny. I don't often see a staff like this. They seemed happy. I saw them work seamlessly together. The support staff were a great team together as well as with the rest of the staff. We were sat near the partly open kitchen. I heard friendly exchanges between the chefs and the servers. Not always the case in most restaurants I've ever worked in. It's almost as if all of the staff were working together for the same common goal. What a concept!? My suspicion is that someone behind the scenes here knows what they're doing ( they have been open for 4 decades with the same owner ) & that the staff knows they have found a good gig. It shows on their faces. It shows through the food. It shows through the unwillingness to sacrifice quality local everything ( down to the ketchup & jam ) to cut corners or costs. Bijou is a no brainer. Thank you for the great Sunday brunch. We will be back!

    review from Trip Advisor
  • Breakfast Delights! We ate breakfast 3 times during our stay in Portland. The breakfasts are original, local, delicious...and reasonably priced. Try their omelettes, anything from the daily specials and the French toast!

    Meredith C.
    review from TripAdvisor
  • Still dynamite and cozy after all these years On a recent trip to Portland, I dove into one of the haunts from my college years in the 1980s, the Bijou. Although I am sure they have updated most of it, and those working there were probably not born when I first went, the place is still one of the very best for breakfast. Wrapped eggs were bacon-y and spicy with big flavors, and the biscuits tasty as the potatoes on the side. Sitting at the bar, I watched Portland old and young stream in faithfully to enjoy great coffee and wonderful food.

    Paul J.
    review from TripAdvisor
  • Honestly this is the best omelette I've ever had. The service was fantastic and the ambiance is lovely. I will definitely be back!

    Kayla D.
    review from Yelp
  • Came on a Sunday morning for brunch and they were packed, but we actually didn't have to wait too long - we were able to have some coffee and sit at a table outside. Would have been a leisurely wait if there weren't a guy at the corner in front of us shouting about Edward Snowden and trying to hand out some literature. I got some type of benedict with biscuits and gravy. It was a huge portion as expected. Noticed they had some unique options on the menu, such as oyster hash and a clam omelette. Bijou focuses on sourcing and serving local ingredients. Excellent service, super friendly. Adorable brunch spot, I definitely recommend.

    Pamela S.
    review from Yelp
  • Wow - Best Breakfast Ever Amazing dishes that are locally sourced. I had a special bacon wrapped eggs over biscuits that was to die for. Wow. My daughter had a mushroom omelette that was the best I had ever tasted. Her boyfriend had an asparagus dish that melted in your mouth. Definitely a place to return to.

    review from TripAdvisor
  • You NEED to visit this Restaurant This place is packed with locals, always a good sign. Our brunch was excellent! I was apprehensive at first when I saw the long line-up and packed restaurant, but was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the staff are at moving people through. The food quality is excellent and servings ample. Waitstaff are very proficient and courteous. Make sure you sign the wait list when you enter. Truly a great way to start the day!

    review from TripAdvisor
  • We stopped in for Breakfast on a Saturday morning - and even though it was very busy and there were a lot of people waiting to be seated, one of the owners who was seating people was very friendly, organized and the whole process went very smoothly. I could tell that they really cared about making sure the customers didn't have to wait a second longer than they needed to, while at the same time, all the seated customers who were eating didn't feel rushed. It is a very well-run restaurant, with a good variety of interesting, tasty meals. They offer healthy, gluten-free meals, and everything they make is of the highest quality. On the weekends, they have top-notch jazz in the evenings. I would highly recommend the Bijou for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

    Rebecca H.
    review from TripAdvisor
  • Never miss the opportunity while in Portland to enjoy breakfast at the Bijou. The brioche French Toast satisfy's all the taste buds. If you do oysters do their hash. Service is always comfortable with a smile no matter how many are waiting in line. Do it and be happy!

    Kip L.
    review from Yelp
  • Being from out of town I stumbled upon this place for dinner and was pleasantly surprised. The food was outstanding and very reasonably priced. The live jazz added to the relaxing ambiance. Only other place to compare it to is little bird and thought bijou was much better. I hear it's a brunch spot but highly recommend it for dinner.

    Drew L.
    review from Yelp
  • Bacon wrapped eggs sounded like nothing more than presentational acrobatics. It wasn't until I received my plate that I realized the bacon wrapped around the perfectly poached egg was an ingenious way of keeping the yolk intact and positioned over my biscuit. Slicing through the peppered bacon and letting the yolk drown my biscuit was a pleasure and the moist yolky biscuit needed nothing more than the garlicky chimichurri sauce to create an enlightening brunch experience. Flashy and divine. It is this innovation that I have grown to expect from every item at the Bijou. Can't wait to try out dinner and jazz!

    Ryan Kidd